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Main Events

3 Seasons

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Main Events
  • PCW Christmas Chaos 2023

    Episode 1

    PCW Christmas Chaos 2023
    Saturday 2 December

    Big Dude Energy vs. The Mongrels
    Cletus Blood & Bush Kelly vs. The Marauders
    Tommy Hellfire vs. Rocco
    Cass Stone vs. Lucas Daniels
    KrackerJak (Cass Stone, Tommy Hellfire) vs. Daniel Swagger

  • PCW Destiny 2023

    Episode 2

  • PCW Halloween Horror 2023

    Episode 3

  • PCW Grand Final Bash 2023

    Episode 4

  • PCW Energy 2023

    Episode 5

    PCW Energy
    Saturday 2 September 2023

    PCW Ignition Championship
    The Mongrels banned from ringside
    JJ Furno vs. Barry O'Leary

    Ryan Rapid vs. Robbie Thorpe

    Number 1 Contendership for the PCW National Championship
    Daniel Swagger vs. Tommy Hellfire with Rocco

    PCW National Championship
    WAIK vs...

  • PCW Risk 2023

    Episode 6